Bringing families together, for the better.

Our mission is to strengthen families to be full participants in the solution of problems resulting from family and community disruption.

Philosophy of Care

FTxCS / UFS philosophy rests on the belief that families offer the most valuable resource for their children and all youth and families have inner strengths and natural healing resources embedded in tendency towards positive growth.

FTxCS / UFS seeks to establish the family and community as the primary support for their children, thereby achieving outcomes that eliminate need for further services from artificial supports. To this end, FTxCS staff assist parents or guardians to establish control and guidance of their family, identify natural supports in their family and community and to learn and practice skills needed to negotiate through the years leading to adulthood.


Family Therapy Services

FTxCS / UFS staff of professionals includes Licensed & Master’s Therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Assistants, and Behavior Assistants. Staff have a wide range of specialties and are culturally representative of the families in the region.

Consulting Services

Assistance in program development and capacity building is offered to organizations and individuals by highly qualified professionals with established track records of successful program implementation. Consultation services include Clinical Supervision by Licensed & experienced Clinicians, Staff Development & Training and Proposal Writing for agencies seeking to develop and maintain programs for youth and families.

Consulting Services

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