Youth and Families For Services in the Home:

Call the NJ State Children’s System of Care Contracted Systems Administrator (CSA) at 877-652-7624 to apply for services and request treatment from Family Therapy and Consultation Services (FTxCS) for Needs Assessment.
FTxCS Provider # 0046132

Youth and families not eligible for services in the home through the CSA may contact FTxCS / UFS directly to inquire about purchasing services in the home or in the Woodbury office.   A Clinical Supervisor will assist you to obtain a qualified Clinician that can best meet the needs of your child.

Agencies and Schools:

Contact FTxCS / UFS to design supervision, consultation, and/or training that will meet the needs of your staff, youth and families.

County Mobile Response and Care Management Organizations (CMO)

BioPsychoSocial w/ Needs Assessments, Therapy and Behavior Assistance for socially, emotionally and mentally challenged youth:

FTxCS IIC Provider # 0046132 – Licensed Therapists and Behavior Assistants

UFS Provider # 162523 – Master’s Therapists and Mentors

Clinical and Behavior Supports and Functional Behavior Analysis for Developmentally Disabled Youth:

FTxCS IIH Provider # 397539 – Licensed and Unlicensed Therapists, BCBA and BCaBA and Behavior Techs