Family Therapy and Consultation Services

Empowering lives, one session at a time.

At Family Therapy and Consultation Services, our philosophy rests on the belief that all people have inner strengths and natural healing resources. We seek to provide the nurturing support and environment for our clients in order to best access those strengths and resources, to facilitate positive change and help them reach their goals. Our licensed professionals are trained and educated on evidence-based practice and will work with you to find the approach that best works for you.

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Our Services

We provide individual, family, and group psychotherapy in a variety of settings: Outpatient, Home and Community, Schools, and Virtual. No matter the setting, we will provide caring and empathetic support for you or a loved one to maximize potential and growth.

Outpatient Services (NJ)

Our outpatient services seek to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where our clients feel as though they can comfortably address the challenges that they face on a daily basis. We offer outpatient services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families.

Intensive In-Community Services (IIC) (NJ)

We offer a unique and highly effective mental health program for children and their families. Intensive In-Community Services are analytical, focused, goal-oriented, and needs-based clinical intervention that addresses emotional and behavioral challenges of children and adolescents with moderate to high needs. Services typically occur in the home but can be conducted in the community depending on treatment needs.

ABA Services for Autism/Developmental Disabilities (NJ)

ABA Services are an array of services for the autism and developmentally disabled population delivered face-to-face as a defined set of interventions by clinically licensed or certified practitioners. Services are typically Behavioral and/or Clinical in nature, and are designed for the restoration of a child, youth, adolescent or young adult under the age of 21, to his or her best possible functional level.

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) (PA)

We are a provider of IBHS services in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. IBHS services are wrap-around services that typically occur in a child’s home or community, but may occur in school depending on the child’s needs and county. Wrap around services are focused and goal-oriented intensive mental health services that seek to address the emotional and behavioral challenges of children up to age 21, typically administered by a Mobile Therapist, Behavioral Specialist, and Behavioral Health Technician.

Group Therapy (NJ and PA)

Family Therapy and Consultation Services offers several different therapy groups throughout the year. Therapy groups are moderated by experienced and licensed clinicians.

Professional Development/CEU Program

Family Therapy and Consultation Services offers professional development and training in cutting-edge approaches for professionals in the helping profession. Professional development includes a variety of training in evidenced-based treatments, professional supervision, and our student learning program.

Consulting Services

We offer assistance in program development and capacity building to organizations by highly qualified professionals with established track records of successful program implementation.

Job Opportunities

We are currently hiring for multiple positions across all programs in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We pay an extremely competitive salary and rate, offer a healthy benefits package, and pride ourselves on being a nurturing and supportive employer for our wonderful professional staff.

Telehealth and TeleTherapy

In an attempt to meet the needs of our clients and staff we offer telehealth services through various platforms.