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Professional Development / CEU Program

Our Training and Professional Development program offers advanced, cutting edge, evidenced based training to clinicians and behavioral interventionists-both to our staff and to outside agencies/clinicians

Our philosophy as an agency is that in order to provide high quality, meaningful services to our clients, we must be ever-seeking to expand our knowledge and hone our skills.

To this end, our Training and Professional Development program offers advanced, cutting edge, evidenced based training to clinicians and behavioral interventionists-both to our staff and to outside agencies/clinicians.

Clinicians and Behaviorists employed by FTxCS/UFS are eligible for free trainings (without CEUs), and receive a 50% discount on CEUs on all trainings where they are offered.

Trainings currently offered through our Training and Professional Development program:

The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) is a therapeutic method developed by Howard Glasser in 1992 to help children and adults with challenging behaviors. It is behavior inspiration, not management. Repeated experiences of being seen and acknowledged when things are not going wrong inspires people to build a positive portfolio of themselves: an expansive and expanding reserve of what NHA calls Inner Wealth™. 

The approach focuses on creating connected relationships, emphasizing positive behavior, and transforming difficult intensities into abundant Inner Wealth. NHA is based on the premise that an individual’s intense energy can be positively channeled and transformed into a positive force. The approach teaches parents, caregivers, and educators to recognize and amplify positive behavior.

6.0 CEUs Offered

The STARR program and approach provides clinicians and educators with the foundation for understanding our nervous systems, attachment and trauma; as well as social, emotional, and cognitive development.

STARR provides a neurodevelopmental and relational framework as well as a shared language to improve the quality of lives and relational experiences for our most vulnerable youth. This training is geared toward intermediate level clinicians.

6.0 CEUs Offered

ARC Grow is a caregiver skill building intervention designed to enhance resilient outcomes for families who are impacted by chronic adversity or stress. While many of our ARC Grow families are identified because of challenges that their child or children face, this intervention is designed to work with the caregiver(s) individually rather than with the family as a whole.  ARC Grow has been implemented with caregivers who are parenting children ages 6 months-18 years.  This parenting support program is delivered as a 12 session in person or via telehealth providing safety and stabilization support. The home visiting hours include education and skill practice in areas such as caregiver self-care, attunement to the developmental impact of trauma, supporting child/youth regulation, effective parenting practices and strategies for building daily routines. Each session offers a mix of direct teaching, experiential learning and activity based skill practice. The program is an adaptation of the ARC framework.  
What is ARC?  
The Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) Framework is a flexible, components-based intervention developed for children and adolescents who have experienced complex trauma, along with their caregiving systems. ARC’s foundation is built upon four key areas of study: normative childhood development, traumatic stress, attachment, and risk and resilience. Drawing from these areas, ARC identifies important childhood skills and competencies which are routinely shown to be negatively affected by traumatic stress and by attachment disruptions, and which – when addressed – predict resilient outcomes. 

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