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Applied Behavior Analysis Services

We provide an array of in-home services by clinically licensed or certified practitioners for the autistic and developmentally disabled population.

ABA is a scientific approach to understanding behavior by assessing an individual to learn the functions of each behavior.

ABA focuses on creating an environment that supports behavior change paired with reinforcement, interventions, and various other techniques. Behavior analysts strengthen skills or teach alternative skills to increase engagement, socialization, and functional communication skills.

Treatment plans and interventions are created to focus on each individual’s unique skills and deficits to see a desired behavior or changes in behavior. The focus of ABA is to improve quality of life and socially significant behaviors.

Family Therapy and Consultation Services has a team of professionals who can provide Applied Behavior Analysis Services

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): Masters level
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst: Bachelors level
  • RBT: Registered Behavior Technician
  • BT: Behavior Technician
ABA is a scientific approach to learning the functions of each behavior that works on individuals of all ages and abilities to teach functional skills and alternative behaviors. The main focus of ABA is to improve socially significant behaviors and their quality of life.

A BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)  or BCaBA (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst) creates a Behavior Support Plan (BSP) and Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) before direct services begin. 

During the initial phase, observations, interviews, and assessments will be conducted to determine how direct services will be carried out. 

The behavior analyst will pinpoint the function of each behavior. The functions include: sensory, attention, escape, and tangible.  When the function(s) of the behavior are identified alternative behaviors can be taught so the individual will resort to the alternative behavior versus the target behavior to get their needs met.

Direct services will be provided by an RBT or BT alongside a BCBA or BCaBA.  Direct services will work on behavior interventions, programs to assist in behavior changes, teach or refine new or current skills, and are personalized for each individual.  ABA takes the skills set of the individual’s current repertoire to see behavior changes that will last over time.

Each behavior technician will receive supervision from a BCBA or BCaBA to ensure behavior plans are up to date and treatment is being carried out as written in the BSP/ FBA.

ABA services can improve engagement, social skills, and teach alternative behaviors to decrease problem behaviors.

  • Behavior analysts break larger tasks into smaller tasks such as teaching new skills, teaching adult living skills, play skills, and shape skills.
  • ABA can work to increase communication/ verbal behavior through functional communication training, create a structured environment for behavior change, and decrease inappropriate behaviors.
  • ABA uses reinforcement and various other strategies that are specific and tailored to each individual.
  • Sessions focus on the weaknesses of the specific individual to strengthen skills outlined in behavior goals.

Managed Care Organizations (MCO): Medicaid/ ABA Outpatient- Behavioral Health Services

FTxCS is credentialed to work with five major managed care organizations in New Jersey:

  1. Horizon NJ Health
  2. United Healthcare Community Plan
  3. Amerigroup
  4. Aetna Better Health
  5. Wellcare

To commence services, FTxCS will need to acquire a copy of the front and the back of the current insurance card for the individual receiving services and the diagnosis report.

To utilize the MCO the individual receiving the services must have an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis from a health professional. Authorizations under MCO are 6 months in length, the behavior analyst assigned will conduct a new BSP to update program data and behavior data.  Based on the data collected during sessions, MCO will authorize new dates of services. 

Individuals of all ages can receive services through their MCO.

Care Management Organization (CMO)/ Intensive in Home Services

Each county in the state of New Jersey operates a CMO that provides longer-term service and case management for multi- system-involved youth.  Care managers are responsible for services provided to families under their care.  Individuals that have commercial insurance, insurance that does not cover ABA services, or no insurance can utilize services through their county’s CMO.

Authorizations under CMO are 3 months in length, the behavior analyst will conduct a new BSP to update behavior data.  Based on the data collection during sessions, CMO will authorize new dates of services or refer families to a different set of services that will best fit the youth’s needs.

Individuals up to 21 can receive services through their CMO.


*Families interested in ABA services through their CMO can contact PerfromCare to request information on eligibility at 877- 652-7624.

Caregiver Training

Family Therapy and Consultation Services seeks to maintain quality and continuity of care. Communication between service providers and team members is essential to provide support to all members involved in services. Our priority is to give the best treatment to our clients under our care.  Behavior analysts will provide weekly training to ensure behavior interventions are being carried out to stay consistent with ABA sessions. 

The main goals of ABA services are to see a functional change in behavior, the behavior must be generalized across various settings and individuals, and must be sustainable once FTxCS is no longer providing services.

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