Family Therapy and Consultation Services

Meet Our HR Team

Moriah Hadjuk

Moriah Hajduk

HR Assistant/IIC Behavior Assistant

Moriah is a part of the HR team as a Human Resources Assistant. Moriah started at Family Therapy and Consultation services as a Behavioral Assistant for the IIC program, and then became a Human Resources Assistant for the company. With a degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Moriah has been able to utilize both skills and knowledge in her roles. Along with helping with onboarding, emails, and documentation collection, she also recruits potential employees and interviews applicants. Moriah is a dynamic and important part of the HR team.

Soriya Sun Huynh

Soriya "Sun" Huynh

HR Assistant

Soriya (Sun) is an Assistant in the Human Resources department. She helps with onboarding new staff, responding to emails, and document collection. Sun is organized, hard-working, and excels at communicating with staff. Sun is a vital part of HR and the FTXCS team.

Ashivia Singletary

Ashivia Singletary

HR Assistant

Ashivia Singletary is a part of the HR Team. She has been in the Management field for over 15 years. She collaborates with the Executive Team to understand the agency’s organizational goals and strategy related to recruiting, onboarding, staffing, training, and retention of talent. Ashivia has been working at Family Therapy and Consultation Services since 2022 and although she has been with this company for a short period of time, she has learned so much and plans on growing more with the company as it continues to flourish and blossom in Pennsylvania.